Expert Mover provides the best available local and international logistic solutions. Our transport services in Dubai , Abu Dhabi and other Emirates of the UAE are also second to none in terms of safety, reliability, and timely delivery. Most importantly, our flexibility in offering custom made Dubai transportation services is beyond compare.

Expert Mover is one of the best transport companies in Dubai with Dubai movers who are experts in handling all the packing, warehousing and transportation of goods. Bright Link assures a safe and smooth delivery of your materials on time. We are on a constant strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through our quality assistance


Our transportation company in Dubai provide complete solution for Domestic and International Door to Door Land Cargo Transportation services. Our Land Cargo service is available, and our cargo teams are specialized in handling and delivery of any kinds of shipment, whether it’s small box of Personal Effects, Household Goods, Furniture, Commercial, industrial, project cargo or delicate fragile items or dangerous goods, we can handle it in perfect way and provide delivery on time.

We offer both LCL and FCL Service and we are also capable of any size and type of cargo, whether it’s un-standard size or loose Cargo, we can handle in a very professional way.


International Safe Transit Association helps its members control costs, prevent damage and manage environmental resources during the distribution of packaged products. It carries out two main categories of types of tests:

  • Performance tests (used to determine the viability of a package to withstand normal distribution);
  • Performance tests on the design of the packaging itself (comparisons of at least two designs of the same type or identical packaging but from different suppliers).
  • Compressive compression tests carried out on different types of materials
  • Compression tests carried out: Flat compression, load displacement, stacking.

Five packaging solutions different by material are used for these compression tests:

  • Chipboard box (Hardboard)
  • Box in plywood of pine, birch. poplar (Plywood Pine / Birch / Aspen)
  • Body in OSB, panel of thin long and oriented slats
  • Wooden box, birch type with plastic clip (Birch)
  • Double or triple corrugated cardboard box (2,3 wall corrugated)

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