Storage Solutions

Being a resident of Dubai, UAE you may face storage problems within your house, room, business. Maybe you are also looking for storage solutions for your extra vehicles in Garage, furniture and electrical Appliances due short available space. Expert Mover is always ready to help you because they have team of experts that can do any job of storage solution in Dubai.

There’s just one solution: Expert Movers in Dubai when it comes to storage and moving problems! There aren’t any storage and moving companies that could compete with Expert Mover, although other companies may also claim to be better equipped to take care of your self-storage services in Dubai . Want to know why?

  • We provide Reliable Solutions
  • Saves Time and money
  • Instant Quote and Fast reach to your door step

Household Storage Services in Dubai

You can store your Household Storage goods by getting Household Storage Services in Dubai , for both short or long period in our warehouses. If you talk about other facilities, we can here and can integrate your electronic appliances storage into the rest of your move. This way you only have one point of contact for your move.

If you use our moving services then we can send the goods that you are not moving to our warehouse or drop them off at a landfill. We deliver stored goods as soon as you want and where you want them. All your goods will be stored in a secure warehouse. This air-conditioned warehouse is designed to protect against rot, fire, mold , moisture and insects


Term storage is provided for those clients who have to put their household goods in storage for short and long term with other self-storage services . For those planning a move that is shorter, this may be the perfect solution


Being one of the best in the business when it comes to providing Moving and storage services , we always strive hard to maintain the standards we have set for ourselves when it comes to assisting the residents of Dubai. Not only we will help you save your time by getting you are storing needs covered quickly but also help you save a lot of bucks with the help of with our professional moving and storage company in Dubai. Yes, we always maintain the standards and make sure that your valuables are kept in the most protected place.

There are a number of reasons which makes us one of the standout companies when it comes to providing self-storage services, take a look: We keep your belongings, furniture, valuables, etc. in our warehouse for storage.

Furniture storage in Dubai

It is not always practical to move all of your belongings with you to a temporary destination abroad or with an itinerary. Renting a storage space for temporary storage of your furniture is a solution. Our warehouses are secure and fit for all types of goods Storage solutions in Dubai.

Our warehouses can safely store large bulky items such as a storage enclosure, or fragile valuables such as antiques and art.

  • Individual furniture storage in Dubai container from 5 m³ to 12 m³
  • Store your goods and materials on pallets or individual areas
  • Storage in heated and secure warehouses
  • Storage without dust accumulation
  • Storage / transfer for short or long periods, ranging from one day to several years
  • Accessibility guaranteed by appointment during opening hours
  • Storage ranging from a pallet to large quantities
  • Storage in conjunction with transport and handling of goods
  • Monthly billing according to actual stacked volumes and storage time
  • Your belongings are protected against fire and theft
  • Associate your move with our furniture storage


When you require a storage company in Dubai to your residential or commercial moving and storage issue, you should contact Expert Mover. Judging solely from experience, by household storage services in Dubai , we are the most experienced commercial and residential movers in UAE. Our movers are experienced with storage equipment that was heavy like large computer gear, filing cabinets, and glass conference tables.

Other DUBAI movers will not provide storage and moving solutions since they’re very busy in dropping your heavy possessions or idling in rush hour traffic. One reason why our movers are able to move so fast is because they know shortcuts and how to avoid rush hour traffic. That’s the time you save, and that’s money you save.