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Office Moving/Relocation Services

It’s always a great idea to move your office and work space to a more sophisticated and better place, sometimes moving can be tough but we have to carry on right? Packers and Movers pro is one of the best professional office movers in Dubai and proud to be a part of more than 500 office relocations with our satisfied clients who took the services of best office moving services from us. We have professional movers who specialize in the packing and moving of office stuff including all the furniture, the fragile items like your electronic gadgets, systems, work machines, Computers, Kitchen supplies and Glass items.

Why To Hire Movers And Packers Pro For Office Relocation Services?

There are multiple office packing and moving services available in the mighty city of Dubai but in the category of professional office movers, Movers and Packers pro has a history of hiring the specialists for everything specially when it comes to pack and shift the items which are of great financial and physical value. We have hired IT specialists for decomposing and then packing the computers and work machines as well as Professional carpenters who can disassemble the fixed office furniture in such a way that it can be installed in the new place with 100% efficiency and without any loss of your precious stuff. The office relocation services that we provide are the best in town and our professional packers and movers will ensure that you don’t face or encounter any stress in this whole moving process.

Our Process Of Office Shifting Services

Unlike the traditional office moving services in Dubai, our office relocation service moves a bit different in an unorthodox manner which is often liked and appreciated on a higher-level corporate management because it is very calculated and seamless. We do it in 5 steps:

  • First of all, we assess the volume, weight, cost and importance of the stuff that is subjected to the movement/relocation.
  • We take the size and dimension analysis of the objects and then get the best packing material for it (That can be in the shape of bubble wraps or wooden covers, depending upon the need of hour). Its cost is included afterwards in the relocation services.
  • Our professional movers disassemble the office furniture, IT gadgets, electronic items and fixed stuff. Then we pack it up and dispatch.
  • We go to the destination point and measure the whole space before unloading the packed stuff to find out the best place to install this furniture, IT items and fixation of wooden or glass objects.
  • We show the layout to the person in-charge and then with their confirmation, we start unloading the stuff and install it in a hassle-free manner which is super-fast and smooth.

These unique steps are what make us the best in the business of office moving services in Dubai.

Best Time To Relocate According To Professional Office Movers In Dubai?

One question that we often come across in office relocation service provision is, what would be a good time to relocate? To answer this question with our experience, we want to let you know that major brands and companies who want to relocate and move their offices take advantage of weekends and off days to minimize the time-wastage on this procedure.
Our best office moving service ensures that we plan a hassle-free and smooth moving date which will save the time for the company and it will be schedule friendly for the firms. Our professional movers make sure that they will be working on the off days to make your moving date worth it. Our specialist has the items and skills to move in night times as well just in case if you want your stuff to be relocated in the off time and it will be as fast as possible so the next day, the employees can sit on their chairs in a new venue and work without any pause or break.

Compliments In Office Moving Services In Dubai:

As our name indicates that we are in fact the pros in the field of moving and that is not possible without taking your items safety into our consideration. The elite services that we provide in office relocation package are as follow:
Insurance: We know that there are a lot of office stuff which is precious and of handsome financial importance so we provide you the service to insure these items. With the utmost efforts and professional approach of our movers, no unfortunate incident ever happened in our record but for your mental satisfaction and to avoid any inconvenience in future, we would like you to take this service of insurance so you can get the safest service possible.
State of the Art Moving vehicles: We are not renting out any 3rd party vehicles for city level office relocation services as our brand has employed our own cars, trucks and loader vans for the best office relocation service in Dubai. Our licensed and experienced drivers make sure that our loading, speed and unloading steps are handles with care so no loss or stress should be faced. Our vehicles are brand new to avoid any mechanical fault in the process of office movement.
Round the clock and calendar services: We made it sure that no official or local holiday affect the seamless work flow of our brand so our movers and packers are working 24/7 all 365 days of the year in shifts to ensure the availability and smooth office shifting services to your office. We also make sure to take care of our respected workers in such a way that they take pride in their work and provide the professional services with due diligence.

Cost analysis:

Given the details of services that we provide as professional office movers in Dubai, our rates are far more affordable and brilliant as compared to other office shifting services in Dubai. We take pride in our work and our focus is to provide quality work to our customers so that our family can expand and we continue serving the offices all across Dubai. We give a cost breakdown to our respected clients if asked, of the fee that we charge them to ensure that they are well aware of every AED they are spending on their moving.